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We are now barely into the month of June, which means…we have made it through the torrential downpour of spring, the frigid winter, and also, that the Animal Rights 2012 National Conference is two months from kickoff.

I will have the pleasure of attending the AR2012 from August 2 through August 5 this year in Washington D.C., which is a great excuse to visit the area and hear a bunch of amazing speakers, authors and activists for the first time.

My contact with vegans, and really, vegetarians, is mostly via the interwebs, through blog networks and Twitter, as living in the South does not make for an uber veg-friendly setup.

AR2012 will break that streak, allowing me to interact (and chow down) with likeminded individuals doing amazing things for the animal rights movement. I’m particularly interested in listening to Will Potter discuss his book Green is the New Red, which exposes governmental oppression of the animal and environmental welfare movements.

Other speakers include Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary;  Melanie Joy, author of Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows; and representatives from organizations like Amnesty International, the Farm Animal Rights Movement, the Humane Society of the US, and Mercy for Animals.

Here’s what patrons can expect:

  • 80 speakers from 60 organizations
  • 100 sessions: animal abuse, organizing, tactics, issues
  • Eyewitness reports on key campaigns
  • 90 exhibits (free & open to the public)
  • 40 videos, including premieres
  • “Newcomer Orientation”
  • Nightly networking receptions
  • Awards Banquet on Saturday evening
  • “Celebration of Animal Rights” on Sunday evening
  • Lobbying and other special actions on Monday
  • Highly discounted sleeping rooms and meals
  • Free morning & evening vegan snacks

That’s a whole lot of stuff for four days.

You can still get tickets, so go to and check it out!


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