Animal Rights Conference Lineup Announced!

Animal rights conference

Ever been to a business meeting or a seminar with a catered lunch buffet?

While other patrons are excitedly piling on heaps of grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes or caesar salads topped with parmesan and cream, vegans in the joint are forced to munch on saltines, pick green beans out of the bacon or smuggle in a Cliff bar.

It’s hard out there for a vegan.

So, what if I told you that once a year, hundreds of leaders in the animal rights movement join together under one roof…and as an added bonus, all the conference-y food would be edible? As in, more than just a crappy meat-and-three spread? Nailed it!

The Animal Rights Conference 2012 lineup has just been announced and I’m pretty excited to attend this year. (Read more about its history here). The event is unofficially hosted by FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), which operates as a sort of umbrella for many animal related nonprofits, rather than spearheading the proceedings.

 Here’s what attendees can expect:

  • Speakers from major organizations like Mercy for Animals, Compassion Over Killing, Farm Sanctuary, VegNews magazine, Amnesty International, Food Not Bombs!,, and many, many more
  • Also look forward to presentations by great authors like Will Potter and Melanie Joy, who talk about issues like “carnism” and “eco-terrorism”
  • Free morning and evening (vegan) snacks
  • Vegan lunch and dinner buffets (under $20 per person); you can also bring your own grub
  • Group workouts and yoga (with trainers!)
  • Sessions about the historical animal rights movement, challenges with animal liberation, advice for activists and running campaigns, reforming shelters, veganism, etc.
The event promoters are even trying to make it as easy and affordable to attend as possible. Don’t feel like renting a whole hotel room? Try their $20/night floor space or contact other event-goers on the AR2012 forum to couch surf. If you do stay in the conference hotel, there’s a special rate for attendees.

For more information about the conference, to see a full lineup of speakers and to register, visit their website.

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, pigpogm

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