Animal Rights Conference 2012 Program Posted!

animal rights conferenceOne more final update before I embark on a nearly week-long journey to the pinnacle of the country (Washington D.C.) to learn about animal rights, activism, and enhance my veganism: Animal Rights Conference 2012 is right around the corner!

I have booked my floor-space-only hotel room, as any couch-surfing journalist should. I have mapped out the must-see programs and have attempted to instill the mental will-power toΒ participateΒ in early morning yoga sessions. I have also attempted to make an itinerary for my birthday, which happens to coincide with the Animal Rights awards banquet: the guest of honor is not me, but is, in fact, delicious vegan food. Where else would I ever experience that unless I accidentally cook too much at home?

So, here it is, the updated, and quite extensive, Animal Rights Conference 2012 schedule of events, conveniently color-coded for newbies learning about issues, those wanting to learn protest tactics or those looking for organizational aids.

Stay tuned for my event coverage starting August 2nd, 2012!


Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons, kchbrown

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  1. I love your enthusiasm and happy I’m not the only one who tried to map out their days for the optimum experience! Whoo hoo!!

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