And The Winner Is…

Thanks to all those who entered our stainless-steel food carrier giveaway.Β  We had many comments detailing delicious lunches you choose to pack to school or work, most of which made my mouth water!

To pick the winner, we numbered the comments, starting with the Eat Drink Better comments (Shane Neuerburg being #1), then continuing to the EcoChildsPlay comments (Jen being #37) minus trackbacks.Β  We used Random.org to generate a completely random number for the winner. See if you won, after the jump…

Congratulations to #30 Courtney Owen whose comment on EcoChildsPlay was:

I LOVE this lunch box. I teach Art at an elementary school and this year we are pledging to go green. I just did a lesson on eco-friendly lunches and I can’t wait to show this to all 774 of my kids. They will LOVE it.

As for my lunch I would put bruchetta on one layer, fresh fruit on another, and a little chocolate on the top.

We will be e-mailing Courtney to get her mailing address so Healthy Kitchenware can send her her prize.Β  Thanks to Healthy Kitchenware for providing the food carrier for this giveaway.Β  Visit their site to see more plastic-free kitchen items.

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