Analyzing the Looming Food Crisis

Analyzing the Food Crisis

We know that there’s a potential food crisis on the horizon, but what factors are most important when it comes to our food future? Lester R. Brown weighs in.

In his book Full Planet, Empty Plates, Lester R. Brown shares insightful analysis into our food system, and our sister site Sustainablog has been sharing excerpts from his book. In the excerpt below, Brown gets into the major problems with our food system and offers some solutions to help stabilize it. Think of it as a primer on the food crisis.

Check out the excerpt below, and if you like it, grab yourself a copy of Full Planet, Empty Plates!

image: soup line photo via shutterstock

Full Planet, Empty Plates, Chapter 11: Can We Prevent A Food Breakdown? (via sustainablog)

Editor’s note: We’re proud to support the Earth Policy Institute’s online publication of Lester Brown’s book Full Planet, Empty Plates by publishing selections from the book. If you missed other installments, you can find them here; we’…

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