Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” To Receive Sustainable Make-Over

Science-savvy chef Alton Brown has announced that future episodes of his hit Food Network show Good Eats will include discussions about sustainable and local food choices. Brown said he decided to make the change after noticing that many of his biggest fans were packing some extra pounds from following the typical American diet that his shows often promote.

Brown, who also hosts Iron Chef America, said he hopes to use the popularity he has earned during his time at the Food Network to help the environment. Good Eats attracts an average of 770,000 viewers for new episodes, and then re-runs flood the network for years to come. “After nine years at the Food Network, hopefully I’ve got some credibility and leverage,” the celebrity chef said. “It shouldn’t ALL be fluffy holiday stuffit shouldn’t ALL be butter, for God’s sake.”

The show won’t exactly turn into Green Eats, but Brown will discuss important issues sporadically throughout the various episodes, along with the unique recipes and wisecracks he’s known for. Brown intends to discuss such topics as the future of food in America and the impact our diet has on our health, but said that his predominant focus will be on the importance of supporting local farms. “The issues of sustainability are so broad, people can’t grasp it,” Brown said. “But local people can deal with it on their own level. They can tackle issues through locality.”

Also look for Brown to promote a stronger connection between urban dwellers and their food sources. After his 5-year-old daughter realized that chicken-the-meat came from chicken-the-animal, she was confused. He explained to her that the chicken was raised and killed for people to eat; because of this conversation, Brown said that he “realized that we’re so disconnected from our foodwhere it lives or grows, how it dies, how it’s processed. None of us in this culture are really living sustainably.”

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12 thoughts on “Alton Brown’s “Good Eats” To Receive Sustainable Make-Over”

  1. doesn’t surprise me – Alton is the type to take every aspect of the show so seriously (while simultaneously being hilarious all the while) that if he hadn’t soon moved in a more sustainable direction – I would have been shocked. Doesn’t surprise me that he doesn’t go all the way to “Green Eats” either though – that just wouldn’t be Alton, good ol’ Georgia boy that he is.

  2. This is good – Good Eats is entertaining and educational. If done right, the show can really teach a lot about food and sustainability.

    Unfortunately, we just decided to do away with our television service – no tv shows in our house anymore – so I won’t be able to see it. Good Eats was one of the few shows I was still watching.

  3. I would like to ask Alton his opinion of MAXIMUS PIE.
    I recently did a radio show where pizza was catered in. I love good pizza, however there are a lot of
    pretenders out there.
    The caterer said he made the pizza with spices he had purchased on the internet. You simply would not believe how good this pizza was. Is there any way
    you could enlighten your fans on this product? You know like how to get it? How to put it together?

  4. Alton Brown discussed this when I saw him speak last week, too. He also raved over his panini press (!) and he said he lost 50 pounds from March to October, mostly by “eating more pretty colors”. I like the idea of “Green Eats” but even more “Clean Eats” or “Healthy Eats”. I think this should be a spinoff, and be put on Food Network. There’s WAY too much unhealthy stuff there now – at least what’s in evidence on the tube. At least there’s a “Healthy Eating” tab on the website, even if it is second to “Quick & Easy”.

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