Alice Waters: How to Fix School Nutrition

Exposing kids to fresh food and gardens at school broadens their palates at the same time they learn about proper nutrition, health, and other science disciplines.

Alice Waters’s idea is for an β€œedible education” that brings children into a new relationship with food. They participate in the growing and cooking of their school lunches.

The food at Berkeley public schools (in the community where Alice Waters has focused most of her efforts) comes from the school gardens, as well as from local farmers. The food is fresh and tasty, rather than canned and mushy. It has made a difference in the way the kids relate to food in their lives.

Alice Waters:Β  How to Fix School Food

There’s another video at the CNN site where Alice Waters continues discussing her ideas for better school nutrition – School Food Revolutionary.

Image by wheeldog, used with a Creative Commons license.

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