Again with the Corn Sugar


The Corn Refiners Association is at it again with the “corn sugar”.

The Corn Refiners Association has asked the FDA to rename ‘corn syrup‘ as ‘corn sugar.  The renaming may take years to be officially allowed on food labels, but the CRA is already using it in advertising.  Here’s a link to their BS PR for ‘corn sugar’.  And wait, here’s another.

The CRA has gotten in a bit of trouble with this advertising using the name ‘corn sugar’ and the FDA has asked the Corn Refiners to cease and desist using ‘corn sugar’ until the term receives regulatory approval. However, according to the Associated Press, the FDA

“Has no regulatory control over the corn association’s advertising because it is not selling a product but promoting an industry. The federal agency can prosecute companies that incorrectly label ingredients and [FDA official Barbara] Schneeman wrote that the FDA may launch enforcement action against food companies listing high fructose corn syrup as ‘corn sugar’.”

Does the Corn Refiners Association really think people are so dumb that they will buy products with ‘corn sugar’ but not products with ‘high-fructose corn syrup’?

Yes they do.

The public opinion of corn syrup is not very high.

The CRA have allotted $20 to $30 million for public relations and an advertising campaign for corn syrup. This is because they have a lot to lose.

Is corn syrup or sugar actually bad for you?

While there is new evidence that corn syrup may cause more rapid weight gain than other added sweeteners, if consumed in moderation, is corn syrup really that much worse for you than other added sweeteners?  Maybe, or maybe not.  It isn’t really known.

However, I can’t even find the stuff in the UK (not that I’d be that excited to find it).  Coke in the UK is sweetened with sugar, and I have to say, I do find it slightly more delicious.

Give it up already.

Whether or not corn syrup is worse for you than real sugar, any customer who even bothers to look at the labels of their food will know whether to contains corn syrup or corn sugar or any other kind of sugar.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons by Hannah Donovan

Source: Food Politics

  1. Rick

    All I have to know is it’s corn, and in the US or pretty much anywhere in the world unless is states Organic corn it’s Geneictly Modified which helps destroy your DNA which breaks down your immune system allowing diseases to take control. Stay Organic people and your health will benefit from it.

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