A Year of Mornings: Creative Breakfast Blog Becomes a Book

A Year of Mornings began as a daily photo conversation, in blog form, between two friends that live 3191 miles apart:

Maria Alexandra Vettese (left images) is an artist living in Portland, Maine. She has two cats and her “perfect day includes an early rising-time and bedtime. In her dreams she sits at a table in a sparse but warm room and writes letters by hand all day.”

Stephanie Congdon Barnes (right images) is from Portland, Oregon. She has two kids, loves the woods as well as making little things out of wool and linen. “The first thing she does in the morning is put water on to boil for coffee.”

It lasted the entire calendar year as an artful blog and the project has now been transformed into a book.

Visit the new photo blog, A Year of Evenings, which highlights the ambiance that arises in the evening somewhere around dinnertime.

Another couple fun visual sites I adore are  Simply Breakfast, and I also love the equally artistic before and after project which is made in the same spirit.

Stay tuned for more updates on creative visual blogging related to mealtime. Next up: A visual guide linking food, culture, health, and the environment.

2 thoughts on “A Year of Mornings: Creative Breakfast Blog Becomes a Book”

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