A Recipe for Change

Lots of attention is being paid to improving our children’s diets, both in and out of school. We have control (mostly) over how our children eat at home, but what is being done in the schools? A new documentary is coming out, “A Recipe for Change”, that examines the Baltimore school system’s plan for improving school nutrition.

New Orleans chef Tony Geraci was hired to remake the Baltimore school lunches. He says in the trailer that he wants to concentrate on local, fresh foods in the menu. Some of the food shown looks exactly what I remember eating in school – the “mystery meat”, beef meatloaf patties, even the vegetables look the same.

It sounds like it will be a big job. In the trailer, one of the kids says the milk is sour and the bread is moldy. If that’s true (and I realize that kids exaggerate sometimes to make their point), then food storage and refrigeration will also need to be overhauled, along with the quality of food.

“A Recipe for Change” will be released later this year on the web.

School lunch photo by Jamie Buscemi, used with a Creative Commons license.

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