A Malaysian Twist on Tea

Having just gotten back from a long holiday in Southeast Asia and back to real life, I’m longing for some reminder that this holiday really happened and it wasn’t just a dream.

The food was great, a fusion of Chinese, Indian and Malay. Lots of fresh, local fruit and fruit juice, fresh-catch fish โ€“ perhaps the first holiday where I didn’t feel ill from food or gaining weight. I even tried durian, which I found fairly repulsive, but now sort of miss the smell of it in the streets.

I’d like to share a nice twist on hot tea that I discovered while staying in Malaysia. It’s simple: hot black tea, with evaporated milk. Where I was staying, they called it ‘tea mamak‘, but it also called ‘teh see‘. It is a quite a nice change from tea with just sugar or tea with regular or soy milk.

Brew a mug of black tea as usual, and simply add a few spoonfuls of evaporated milk, then stir. ย It looks particularly delicious when served in a glass mug. ย It’s creamy and sweet, with a somewhat caramel taste.

Photo cred: Flickr Creative Commons by vivelevelo

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