A Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture

I’m a card carrying member of Slow Food USA and one of the founders of Slow Food Rogue Valley southern Oregon Convivium. I believe it’s my duty and privilege to pass along the follow information about the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture. I encourage you to endorse it, sign it and comment on it, NOW.

Initiated by Roots of Change (ROC), and developed by a national team of noted thinkers, authors and activists, the Declaration for Healthy Food and Agriculture calls for a visionary 21st Century Food, Farm and Agriculture Policy that benefits all Americans.

The Declaration aims to accelerate a transition away from our nation’s present industrialized agricultural system and towards a healthier, cleaner and more just food system, a system rooted in principles of health for our nation’s people, animals and the environment.

Now is the time to comment on the proposed draft and join other eaters in shaping a set of principles from which Washington legislators can adopt to craft policy that will lead to a future food system that is healthier, more accessible and affordable for all.

The Declaration is currently in draft form, and we ask you to read the Declaration and comment on it and/or endorse it online at http://fooddeclaration.org/. The comment period will end on November 30, 2008.

In the beginning of 2009, Slow Food will be one of many organizations working to collect thousands of signatures on the final Declaration. At the same time, a team of policy experts will develop a specific policy agenda on food and agriculture that will emerge from the principles in the Declaration.

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