A Changing Climate is Changing Plants

The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) announced a joint initiative focused on educating gardeners about the effects of climate change on gardens, landscapes, and green spaces.

β€œA changing climate is changing plants” refers to the way that climate change – the warming that has been occurring over the last century and a half and that is predicted to continue occurring – is changing the ranges and growing seasons of plants.

Historical data indicates that, on average, plants are flowering one day earlier per decade. Predicting when plants will germinate, flower, and will be ready for harvest is invaluable information for farmers and gardeners hoping to make a living.

The chart below shows the difference in current and predicted planting zones. (A larger version is here.)

More than 70 million people visit APGA gardens every year. The partnership between NOAA and APGA will increase climate literacy among the general public and assist gardeners to adapt to the changing climate.

Image of garden by d’n’c, used with Creative Commons license.
Planting zone image by NOAA.

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