A Case Against Bottled Water (Infographic)

Water Bottles

It’s definitely healthy to drink more water, but that doesn’t have to mean buying plastic bottles of fancy water that’s shipped all over the world. Not only do these little bottles have a huge carbon footprint, they’re not healthy for us and they often represent violations of someone else’s right to water.

Marketers spend a lot of money to convince us that bottled water is superior to tap. That’s laughable, since so much of the bottled water on store shelves is just filtered tap water. I recently ran across an infographic that really spells out a lot of bottled water’s pitfalls:

Bottled Water Infographic
[You can click the image to view it full sized.]

So what can you do to take back the tap?

Like the graphic suggests, one of our best weapons in the fight against bottled water is a reusable bottle. The other important step we can all take is to spread the word! Share this graphic with folks you know. If you think it would be more digestible, you can point them to The Story of Bottled Water.

How else can we help educate folks about the issues with bottled water? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

Image Credits:
Water Bottles. Creative Commons photo by quinnanya
Infographic. Via Term Life Insurance

11 thoughts on “A Case Against Bottled Water (Infographic)”

  1. Love_bottled_water

    More water filter companies propaganda.
    What a lot of misleading information in this article.
    A toxic cocktail that looks like water coming out of a tap is NOT as healthy as bottled water.
    Give Up on your bullshit, the bottled water market is and will keep growing because because know and can taste and feel the difference between healthy bottled water and poisoned tap water.
    Stop manipulating figures to suit you and your bullshit.

    If you or anyone is concerned about the environment they should consider the millions of tonnes of toxic chemicals added to tap water that eventually end up harming all sea life.

    We love bottled water.

  2. Good comments. Contaminants found in tap water can still be a health concern though. Buying a reusable bottle is great, but filling it with tap water that has been run through a high quality filter is even better.

  3. @love_bottled_water
    Your ignorance is astonding. Before atacking please shut your mouth and simply open your eyes. Information is all around you proving, with facts the downfalls of the bottled water industry. May I suggest a documentary “tapped”? If you would like to learn the truths, and not just regurgitate what the media and ads tell you the are several healthy supplys of facts, the same reserves aren’t left of our precious water which you choose to pay 1,900% more for…..

  4. I believe in the fact that bottled water is mostly tap water except under another filter although this might be true are tap water is filled with chlorine and rat poison yes filtered but still in their the only way to get rid of it is by letting it set for 8hrs or more yet while the water bottle sets waiting to be delivered to your local store the water is also soaking up the oil in plastic so pretty much there is no way to get clean water less we changed bottled water to a glass recyclable container yet no one here is looking at all the facts most of you are being bias.

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