9 Food Trends that Make Us Happy

9 Food Trends that Make Us Happy

There are lots of gross, unhealthy food trends out there, and it’s easy to get very gloom and doom about our food system. There are some silver linings though. Check out these awesome food trends!

9 Healthy, Sustainable Food Trends

1) Better Restaurant Food

Restaurant menus are skewing toward local food and healthier offerings. This is great news for public health. Look out for healthier menus for grownups and kids, more gluten free options, and more farm to table options!

2) Savory Yogurt

The probiotics in yogurt are great for your gut, but most flavored yogurts are heavy on the sugar, until now. I am keeping my eyes peeled for vegan savory yogurts, because I can’t wait to try this food trend!

3) Healthier Vending Machine Options

The HUMAN vending machines may not be perfect, but they’re a step in the right direction for sure!

4) More Farm to Table Goodness

Restaurants aren’t the only ones focusing on more local food. Grocery stores are getting in on the action. There are even some conventional grocery stores making strides in sourcing more local food!

5) Businesses Helping Businesses Reduce Food Waste

Businesses helping grocery stores and farms reduce their food waste are popping up all over!

6) More Vegans!

The vegan movement has a long way to go, but numbers don’t lie. Veganism is more mainstream now than it’s ever been. It’s great news for animal rights and for our health.

7) Pedal Power

Transportation is a huge part of food’s carbon footprint, so it’s awesome to see companies moving food via bike where they can.

8) People are Eating Less Meat

Maybe this is related to more folks giving a plant-based life a go, but it looks like overall Americans are eating less meat on the daily. Since 2009, we’ve seen a steady drop in meat consumption here in the U.S.

9) Companies Saying No to GMO

We have power as consumers, and companies are catching on to the fact that we don’t want to buy genetically modified foods.

Have you run across any sustainable or healthy food trends? We talk a lot about the bad and the ugly in our food system around here – let’s share more good news in the comments!

Image Credit: Vegetables photo via Shutterstock

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