9 Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

9 Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Week is in full effect here at Important Media! Make sure you check out the Spring Cleaning tips page at Crafting a Green World. Crafting a Green World is our sister site, and they’re hosting this awesome green cleaning event.

On Monday we shared a spring cleaning checklist for your kitchen, and today we’re getting down and dirty with some more specific cleaning tips for keeping your kitchen food-safe without toxic chemicals.

9 Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

1) Clean while you cook. Cleaning up after supper is such a drag. Sneak some cleaning and tidying into your cooking routine, so there’s less mess when the meal is ready.

2) Pay special attention to the most germy areas. Of course you want to be sure that the whole kitchen is clean and safe, but there are a few areas that we tend to miss, and they can harbor the most bacteria in our kitchens.

3) Make your own drain cleaner instead of introducing toxic chemicals to your kitchen sink. A clogged drain is no fun, but you don’t want those toxic solvents near food prep areas. Check out some tips for unclogging that drain naturally instead.

4) Choose DIY soft scrub. Store-bought soft scrubs contain toxic chemicals. Clean tile counters and backsplashes without those toxins with a homemade soft scrub recipe instead.

Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Kitchen5) Make your own cleaning wipes. Bleach in the kitchen? No thank you! These bleach-free cleaning wipes are great for wiping up small messes without contaminating your workspace with bleach residue.

6) Try this all purpose cleaner. Premade all purpose cleaners also contain toxic ingredients. This simple recipe gets counters just as clean without the harmful chemicals

7) Ask yourself when you last did a deep clean. We mentioned our spring cleaning checklist above. Don’t miss this handy guide to a clean kitchen.

8) Skip the toxic oven cleaner. Our friends at Organic Authority share some great tips on how to clean your oven without harmful chemicals.

9) Clean your blender. Are you cleaning your blender properly? It’s easy to do and important to make sure those green smoothies you’re making are safe and healthy.

Image Credits: Clean Kitchen photo via Shutterstock, Cleaning Wipes via Crafting a Green World

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