7 More New Fruits & Vegetables from Congress (Other than Pizza)

I imagine you’ve heard by now that Congress has taken time out of its busy schedule to classify pizza as a vegetable. But did you know that there are 7 more new fruits and vegetables that are also a little surprising? I’ll run down the list here:

  1. Strawberry-flavored ice cream. Congress has decided that there’s enough strawberry flavoring in most strawberry ice cream to deem it a fruit.
    strawberry icea cream fruit
  2. Cotton candy. While there isn’t any actual cotton in cotton candy, cotton candy and cotton do look sort of similar, and Congress decided that warranted categorizing cotton candy as a vegetable.
    cotton candy vegetable congress
  3. Fruit Loops. You know, that insanely colorful cereal. Apparently, it’s got enough fruit in it to officially be classified as a fruit now.
    fruit loops fruit
  4. Eggs. I think Congress got a little confused here (but what do I know?). It decided that since there’s eggplant, eggs must be a vegetable. I’m not sure about that logic, but they’re the ones who rule our country. (Note that this also includes chocolate eggs, since Congress didn’t want to discriminate based on color or content and the same logic held true anyway.)
    egg vegetable
  5. Banana bread. Well, I’m sure everyone saw this coming. Bananas are clearly a fruit, so banana bread is as well. (I have to say, I’m quite happy about this, because I LOVE banana bread.)
    banana bread fruit
  6. Carrots. Apparently, carrots were never classified as a vegetable by Congress before, but they didn’t get missed this time around. (Unfortunately, though, baby carrots didn’t make the cut… something about Congress not finding it acceptable to eat babies.)
    carrots vegetable
  7. Green candy. Everyone knows that most plants are green. Green candy, therefore, must be somewhat similar to plants and is now considered a vegetable by Congress. Some examples of such candies are below (note, though, that it is only the green M&Ms, not the red ones, that are vegetables).

green candy vegetable

I think these fruit and vegetable additions will certainly make it a lot easier for us all to get our daily dose of fruits and veggies, and we can all be happy about that! Thanks, Congress.

Image Credits:
Strawberry Ice Cream via elana’s pantry
Cotton Candy via beebrisk
Fruit Loops via davidjmarland
Egg via MinimalistPhotography101.com
Banana Bread via annlibera
Carrots via CLC Photography
Green Candy via Carlos Lorenzo
Green & Red M&Ms via ladybugbkt

  1. Rocky

    I was wondering where your information was culled from? I’d like to see it for myself if that is not a problem. Thanks Mr. Zach! this is amusing but more sad than anything else.

      1. Rocky

        I thought so, I think some of my friends on FB think this stuff is real. What’s really funny is the thought that they could believe that this could actually happen!

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