5 Winter Vegetable Recipes

Brussels sprouts

5. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts contain one of the highest amounts of vitamin C  in any vegetable.  These little gems also contain folic acid, are high in antioxidants, and are high in protein making them a delicious meat alternative.  Brussels sprouts also provide protection against inflammatory diseases like arthritis.  These little guys have long been known as one of the more under-appreciated vegetables.  This Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts recipe on 101 Cookbooks guarantees that it will turn long sprout haters into lovers!

Do you have any favorite winter vegetable recipes you would like to share?  Winter is coming up quick, and I would love to have a stock-pile of delicious recipes in my arsenal!  Feel free to leave your ideas and links in the comments.

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Carrots. Photo by GNIKRJ via Flickr Creative Commons
Beets. Photo by sassyradish via Flickr Creative Commons
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Rutabags. Photo by jodigreen via Flickr Creative Commons
Brussels Sprouts. Photo by E>mar via Flickr Creative Commons

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