5 Vegan Cocktails for Your New Year’s Party

Glass of egg nog topped with cinnamon.

Our friends over at Calfinder posted a roundup of holiday cocktails last week, and it got me thinking about my own holiday faves. When Taylen, one of their writers, challenged me to create a list of my five favorite vegan cocktails for New Year’s, it was game ON.

Wait…vegan cocktails? Sure, your regular gin and tonic is going to be vegan, but around the holidays, things tend to get a little bit more elaborate and you’d be surprised at how many hoilday libations feature milk and even eggs. Don’t you fret, though! There are easy peasy ways to veganize even the most fancy pants holiday beverage.

1. Vegan Egg Nog

Like the name suggests, traditional egg nog features…eggs. Boo! Luckily, there are soy- and rice-nogs available in the grocery store during the holiday that are just as tasty spiked with your favorite spiced rum. Feeling extra creative? Try whipping up a home made batch of vegan egg nog, featuring…avocado!

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