5 Things to do with those Cranberries

Make cranberry juice


    1 lb fresh cranberries
    5 c water
    3 orange slices
    ยฝ c sugar

You’ll need:

    a saucepan
    a large funnel
    1 sheet cheese cloth


It’s simple. Make sure the cranberries are fresh and haven’t been sitting in the refrigerator for days.

Wash the cranberries in the sink and put them in a saucepan with water. Add a pinch of salt if you like. Throw in the orange slices as well. But you might want to put the berry and orange pulps aside for use in making homemade cranberry sauce.

Cook over medium heat for 10 minutes, though this is a rough estimate. The best way to check is to wait for all the berries to burst.

You’re halfway done. Pour the mixture into a sieve lined with cheese cloth to filter out the solids. Afterwards strain the juice into the saucepan, add sugar, and boil for another two to three minutes. Add more sugar if needed.

Serve chilled.

Borrowed from http://cranberryjuice.com/homemade.html

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons by Muffet

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