5 Healthy Meals You Can Make Without A Kitchen

5 Healthy Meals You Can Make Without A Kitchen

There are times when you get stuck trying to make yourself a meal without access to a kitchen. When you’re traveling and staying in a hotel or camping, or living in college residence, you either have to eat restaurant or cafeteria food or fend for yourself.

If you can’t find a vegan restaurant, want to save some money, or are just sick of eating out and want something really healthy, here are some easy vegan meals you can make for yourself.

A few eating essentials are really helpful for vegan travel or kitchen-less living. A paring knife, along with a small cutting board, and a fork and spoon come in very handy. If you don’t have cutlery with you, you can find plastic ones at the deli counters of grocery stores, or in fast food restaurants.

Reusable plastic containers make great dishes to eat out of, and also store leftovers. A can opener is an awesome piece of equipment that you will be so happy to have at certain moments.

Salt and seasonings (herbs and spices) are things you might not think to pack when you travel, but if you want to make your own food they can make a big difference in the flavor.

1: Hummus: (or other bean dip) with carrots, peppers, cucumber, lettuce and crackers or bread. Most grocery stores sell prepared hummus in the deli section, and sometimes you can find other bean dips. This meal can go one of two ways. You can enjoy your hummus as a dip, or as a spread and make it into a sandwich with whole grain crackers or bread.

Carrots and peppers make good dipping sticks, while cucumber, tomato and lettuce make an excellent sandwich. A sprinkle of salt and pepper will elevate this sandwich to new levels.

2: Stuffed Vegetables: One way to make vegetables more interesting is to stuff them with other vegetables. For instance, sliced tomato stuffed in green peppers is actually pretty delicious. A bit messy, but delicious.

Try adding some almonds or pumpkin seeds to make it more of a meal. Avocado and cucumber stuffed in a red pepper is amazing.

3: Lettuce or Cabbage Wraps: Make up a plate of sliced vegetables – cucumber, tomato, green onion, pickles. Assemble a sprinkling of vegetables in the leaf and roll it up.

A spread – hummus, olive tapenade, etc – is a great addition to these wraps. You can also make these with whole grain wraps, and put the lettuce inside.

4: Salad With Beans: All you need is some greens, a few vegetables and a can of cooked beans to make a great vegan meal. Drain and rinse the beans, then toss them together with the rinsed greens and chopped vegetables.

You can often buy small packets of salad dressing from the salad section of a grocery store, and sometimes they’re even free. If you can’t find any, or don’t want any of them, just buy a lemon or a lime and squeeze it over your salad for an easy dressing.

5: Gazpacho: A can of diced tomatoes is the perfect base for a chunky version of gazpacho. Add chopped cucumber, peppers, parsley, and some onion or green onion. Sprinkle in salt and pepper, and other seasonings if you have any.

Gazpacho is traditionally made with some olive oil and vinegar, but if you aren’t lugging them around with you, you can just leave them out. Let the soup sit, to let the flavors combine. You can add a can of beans to this meal to make it more substantial.

These 5 simple meals can be made in a whole bunch of different ways with different vegetables and seasonings, and inspire other ideas of meals you can make without a kitchen.

Image Credit: Heather Nauta of HealthyVeganRecipes.net

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