5 Green Smoothies for Spring

Green Smoothies

Did you quit green smoothies over the winter? Now that warmer weather is on the way, let’s get a frosty morning smoothie back on our breakfast menus!

I am totally out of the green smoothie habit, and now that I’m chasing my toddler around the backyard, that morning energy booster is just what I need. Do you need some inspiration to get on the green smoothie train? Check out these yummy green smoothies to get you back to blending!

5 Green Smoothie Recipes for Breakfasts on the Go (via http://feelgoodstyle.com)

When you need a quick breakfast, grabbing a granola bar or a slice of toast might seem like your best options, but what if you could cram some healthy fresh fruit and even veggies into your busy morning? Green smoothie recipes to the rescue! Green smoothies…

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