4 Tips for Buying Organic Food on a Budget

organic on a budget

Organic foods represent a fast-growing sector of the food industry. According to the Organic Trade Association, organic food sales have increased from roughly $1 billion in 1990 to a stunning $26.7 billion in 2010, and the industry approached the $30 billion mark in sales last year. If you currently buy organic foods for your household or want to add more organics to your grocery cart, read on for some money-saving tips:

1. Investigate Deal of the Day Websites

Deal of the day websites like Groupon or LivingSocial send discount deals straight to your email inbox for a variety of products and services in your area such as retail discounts and health and wellness services. From time to time, they offer discounts to organic grocers and restaurants as well.

Groupon recently offered a deal for 50% off Whole Foods Market gift cards. Keep an eye out, and you can save big on organic fare through these websites.

2. Visit Manufacturer’s Websites

Go directly to your favorite manufacturer’s website for print-at-home coupons that you can redeem for organic food purchases. Amy’s, for example, offers coupons available for download. Just be sure your preferred grocer accepts Internet coupons, as some do not. Larger chains are generally safe bets, but many local stores and even co-ops will take them.

3. When You See a Deal, Stock up

This applies only to non-perishables (unless you’re throwing a big organic bash), but when you see a deal on organic pasta or frozen foods, load up that shopping cart. The price difference between traditional foods and organic varieties is significant, so it’s important to save in bulk when you can.

4. Shop at a Farmers’ Market

Investigate whether you have a farmers’ market – did you know that you can even use food stamps at some farmer’s markets? – or farm near you and shop there for your organic produce. The quality is often the same, if not better, and prices are much more competitive than those of a supermarket chain. You can help support local growers of who believe in producing organic foods, and help bolster their business so hopefully one day their products are more widely available.

What other ways can you think to save on organic foods?

David Bakke writes about tips for improving both financial and physical health on the popular website, Money Crashers Personal Finance.

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  1. Yes I totally agree with ‘When You See a Deal Stock Up’! I’ve had to kick myself a few times in the past when I didn’t stock up on a item that I use often. Since then I always grab a few more items when they are on discount, it really saves in the long run! Good post thank you!

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