4-Step Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen (free printable!)

Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

Welcome to Spring Cleaning Week, everyone! Across the Important Media Network this week, we’re going to be talking about green cleaning from our own perspectives. This spring cleaning checklist for the kitchen felt like a natural fit! You can view the checklist below or click here to download our printable pdf checklist to use while you’re doing your cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Kitchen

1) Start with a basic cleaning. The basic cleaning checklist below is the on Eco Friendly Maid Service uses to clean its clients’s kitchens (including mine!). Alex, the owner, kindly offered to let me share their checklist with you guys! If you hate cleaning and are in the Atlanta area, I can’t recommend this service enough. They make their own cleaning supplies from scratch, and everyone who works there is so dedicated and kind. Disclosure: Eco Friendly Maid service cleans my house, and I am a big fan of the owner and his company. They did not compensate me or Eat Drink Better in any way for inclusion in this article.

  • Wipe down countertops and tables with an all purpose cleaner.
  • Wipe all items on counters, under, and around.
  • Stage items. (This just means arrange them in a pretty way when you put them back.)
  • Wipe all appliances, stove top, dishwasher, microwave, & top of refrigerator.
  • Wipe out interior of microwave. Here’s a good tip for cleaning a stubborn microwave with less work.
  • Clean faucets, sink basin, & wipe dry.

2) Refrigerator/Freezer Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Pull everything out, and toss spoiled food into the trash or compost.
  • Wipe down shelves and drawers.
  • Put good food back
  • Move fridge away from the wall and unplug it.
  • Remove the panel that covers the refrigerator coils, and use your vacuum’s arm attachment to clean off the dust. Replace the panel, plug in the fridge, and move it back into place.

3) Dishwasher Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Empty any dishes, and remove the racks. Give them a good scrub with a toothbrush dipped in a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and water. Set the aside to dry.
  • Use toothbrush and vinegar/water mixture to scrub around the door and crevices of the rubber seal.
  • Use a clean rag dipped in your vinegar/water solution and wipe down the entire inside of the dishwasher, including the top.
  • Scrub the area around the drain, removing any debris or food that’s collected down there.
  • Replace the racks, and you’re done!

4) Cleaning Cabinets Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Pull all of the food out of your cabinets and check expiration dates. Discard anything that’s spoiled.
  • Use a 1:1 water/vinegar solution to wipe down the shelves and the insides and outsides of cabinet doors.
  • Put back remaining food.

Image Credit: Kitchen Utensils image via Shutterstock

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