4 Resources and Ideas for Cooking from Scratch

cooking from scratch

You know that cooking from scratch is better than buying packaged, processed food, but sometimes it’s hard to even know where to begin, right? Here are some resources and ideas to get you started.

From cooking supper to baking special desserts, once you’re armed with some recipe resources, cooking from scratch really isn’t that difficult, it becomes more about time management. Instead of leaving the cooking for busy weeknights, set aside some time on your days off to stock that fridge and freezer with healthy from-scratch foods that you can heat and serve all week long.

4 Resources for Cooking from Scratch

1. Baking

Baked goods are a sometimes food, of course, and baking from scratch is so much better than buying pre-made, processed baked goods.

When you bake a batch of cookies or cake, you can control the ingredients. Plus, that time and energy spent in the kitchen makes those foods extra special, so you’re more likely to savor each bite instead of devouring a sleeve of cookies in one sitting.

For amazing baked goods recipes, I can’t recommend Vegan Baking enough. Seriously, it’s a treasure trove!

2. Easy Meals

Instead of planning elaborate dishes, keep it simple with easy one-dish meals to feed your family. Look for cookbooks that focus on one-dish meals, like The One Dish Vegan. You can also find good easy meal ideas online. Our sister site, Vibrant Wellness Journal, has a great archive of easy meal ideas, and of course our recipe archive has lots of quick, healthy meal ideas.

3. Snacks

Snacktime is when we’re most likely to reach for packaged, processed junk. Next time you’re feeling snacky, choose healthier options instead! Keep fresh fruits and veggies in your fridge, so you can easily reach for carrot or celery sticks instead of chips when you’re feeling snacky. Keep healthy dips like hummus on hand to give you a little bit of protein without any processed ingredients.

4. Breakfasts

Are you inclined to grab a packaged granola bar in the morning? It’s so easy (and healthy!) to start your day out with a green smoothie instead. Check out my e-book – 40 Days of Green Smoothies – for six weeks of yummy smoothie recipes. It comes complete with shopping lists for each week to make sure you’re stocked and ready to blend up a healthy breakfast every morning in minutes.

When are you inclined to reach for processed foods? Let’s talk about more ideas for cooking from scratch in the comments!

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