BPA Cover-up? 4 Authors of “No Noteworthy Risk” BPA Report Tied to BPA Industry

Yeah, this is the kind of report our government should use to say that BPA is safe, one with four authors who have ties to the chemical industry or companies/groups that help manufacture or promote BPA.

California Watch, a non-profit investigative reporting organization, found exactly such ties to a report that found “no noteworthy risk” to BPA. Who would have guessed it?

Here’s more from California Watch:

Two of the researchers – Hermann Schweinfurth and Wolfgang Völkel – reported their affiliations in the report’s “declaration of interest.” Two others – Werner Lilienblum and Peter-Jürgen Kramer – have professional websites linking them to the chemical industry.

The report was written by the nine-member Advisory Committee to the German Society for Toxicology, the country’s national association of toxicologists.

Schweinfurth acknowledged in his declaration that he works for Bayer Schering Pharma AG, the largest producer of bisphenol A, or BPA, in Europe.

Völkel reported receiving funding from the international industry group BPA Global in the past.

Lilienblum runs a “consultancy for the industry.” And Kramer describes himself as a “leading toxicologist in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry” who is currently “developing and shaping” toxicology in Germany and throughout Europe.

Of course, this has been going on for years, and is one of the reasons BPA still exists in our products.

“It’s just the same old industry nonsense,” said Frederick vom Saal, a University of Missouri endocrinologist. “This was organized and funded by Bayer, the largest maker of BPA in Europe. They are simply protecting their product.”

Frederick vom Saal has researched the health effects of BPA for over a decade.

Fore much more on the report, which was published in the journal Critical Reviews in Toxicology, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, and apparently was not funded (the researchers took it upon themselves to conduct this review on a volunteer basis, good people that they are), check out California Watch’s story: New plastic chemical study linked to industry.

h/t Yale environment 360

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