35 Garden Ideas to Get You Growing

35 Garden Ideas to Get You Growing

Hello, lovely Eat Drink Better readers! When I’m not talking about delicious food over here at EDB, I work as co-director at another site on the Important Media Network: Crafting a Green World. This week, CAGW is hosting a Garden Week that’s packed with DIY gardening goodness, and Eat Drink Better is participating. This roundup of awesome gardening ideas and inspiration is our contribution to Garden Week.

Growing even some of your own fruit, vegetables, and herbs is a great way to reduce your foodprint. So much of the food that we buy travels hundreds or even thousands of miles from farm to plate, and anything we can do to reduce that distance is good for the planet and good for us. In case you need a little bit of inspiration to get you growing, I’ve rounded up this ultimate list of garden ideas for you!

From small-space gardening to specific plants to plain old eye candy, we’ve got garden ideas to satisfy all of your spring gardening desires!

Garden Ideas 101

1. Online Gardening Tools to Help You Grow Food

2. Try The No-Dig Gardening Method

3. Top 15 Seed Companies

4. Seed Sprouting 101

5. Teaching Children to Garden

35 Garden Ideas to Get You Growing

Small-Space Gardening

6. Guide to Container Gardening

7. 5 Gallon Bucket Gardening

8. Miniature Guerrilla Garden

9. Save Space and Water with Vertical Gardening

10. No space to grow? Try yard-sharing!

11. Balcony Garden Ideas

12. Dreamy Rooftop Garden Ideas You’ll Envy

13. Indoor Gardening Ideas

35 Awesome Garden Ideas to Get You Growing

Growing a Green Garden

14. Choose a Lead-Free Garden Hose

15. Gardening with Greywater

16. Understanding Soil Test Results

17. Protect Your Garden from Slugs

18. How to Deter Snails in Your Garden

19. Ways to Conserve Water in the Garden

35 Awesome Garden Ideas to Get You Growing

How to Grow…

20. Increase Your Strawberry Yield

21. Plant Perennials to Save Time and Energy

22. Growing Peppers in Your Container Vegetable Garden

23. Plant a Salad Bowl

24. Growing Herbs in Your Kitchen Garden

25. How to Grow Ginger

26. Tips for Growing Basil

27. Homegrown Microgreens 101

28. How to Grow Herbs in a Container Garden

29. Growing Mushrooms in a Laundry Basket

30. How to Grow and Transplant Seedlings

31. Top 15 Food Plants that Grow in the Shade

32. Sprout Your Own Alfalfa

33. Free Gardening Apps for Android

Garden Ideas: Make a DIY plant marker

The DIY Garden

34. Make Wine Cork Plant Markers

35. Build an Upside-Down Tomato Planter

Image Credits (in order of appearance): lettuce, balcony, garden hose, and strawberry photos via Shutterstock, garden marker photo by Becky Striepe

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