24 Fun Facts About Beer [infographic]

beer facts

Regular readers here understand that choosing sustainable beer is important, but there’s a whole lot more that you may not have known about this fermented beverage.

Beer has a long, rich history, and this infographic shares some interesting facts, many of which I didn’t know before. My favorite is the origin of the India Pale Ale (IPA). IPAs are my favorite sort of beer, hands down. There’s nothing like a bitter, flowery, ice cold IPA on the porch after a long week.

Of course, drinking too much of anything boozy is far from healthy (despite what fact #15 below says), but a cold beer every once in a while isn’t going to hurt you.

Do you have a favorite type of beer? Tell us in the comments! But before you do, crack open a cold one and check out the infographic:

Beer Facts

Image Credits: Infographic via Wear Your Beer, Beer photo via Shutterstock

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