21 Food News Stories From 2014 to Make You Feel Grateful for Progress

21 Food News Stories From 2014 to Make You Feel Grateful About Progress

This is the time of year where we give thanks for what we have, most importantly, our friends and family. We gather around and celebrate with food and drink. Food news stories have been at the center of much discussion this year. From GMO labeling laws to soda taxes, things are getting better in our food system, even while some aspects of it are getting worse (looking at you, Monsanto!).

But thankfully, there are quite a few inspiring food news victories we’re thankful for this year. While some are immediately tangible, like the EWG’s guide to food additives, others will take time to develop, like soda taxes and GMO labeling bills. But these are victories to feel good about and be thankful for every day of the year.

  1. Vermont passed a GMO labeling law.
  2. Oregon’s GMO labeling bill is so close it’s getting a recount.
  3. Berkeley passed the nation’s first soda tax.
  4. USDA invests more than $50 million in local and organic food.
  5. Hawaii is pushing back against GMOs.
  6. The junk yogurt industry has been exposed.
  7. Vending machines and chain restaurants will have to list calories.
  8. Chipotle ditched GMOs.
  9. So did Cheerios and Grape Nuts.
  10. Natural’ is being exposed and discredited.
  11. Whole Foods launched a notable produce rating system.
  12. Fair Food tomatoes are now available.
  13. The EWG’s guide to food additives makes healthy eating easier.
  14. The USDA is setting strict limits for pathogens in poultry.
  15. Perdue and Tyson removed antibiotics from chicken hatcheries.
  16. Consumers Union reveals real cost of labeling GMOs is about $3 per person per year.
  17. CA vetoed flawed antibiotics in livestock bill.
  18. Cooking at home is healthiest, a study finds.
  19.  Farmers market fraud in California will be stopped.
  20. Bees are getting a lot of support and love.
  21. California’s Neighborhood Food Act allows food growing in vacant lots.

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