2016 Food Revolution Summit Unites Health Experts, Food Activists

What if there was an event that brought together the greatest doctors, nutritionists, writers and activists in the good food movement? What if it was free? Welcome to the Food Revolution Summit!
What if there was an event that brought together the greatest doctors, nutritionists, writers and activists in the good food movement? What if it was free? Welcome to the 2016 Food Revolution Summit!

Food Revolution Summit

The 5th Annual Food Revolution Summit is hosted by father-and-son team John and Ocean Robbins. The virtual event has just opened for registrations. The Summit is happening April 30 – May 8, 2016, and it’s free to attend online. If you’re interested, click here to reserve your spot. And if you’re here on Eat Drink Better, you’re probably going to be interested in the 2016 Food Revolution Summit!

Why attend the Summit?
What if there was an event that brought together the greatest doctors, nutritionists, writers and activists in the good food movement? What if it was free? Welcome to the 2016 Food Revolution Summit!

John and Ocean created the Food Revolution Network and the Summit to help explore our changing food system and how what we eat can literally change the fate of our family, our community, and our world. John writes that the virtual summit allows you to be a part of the change towards a healthier world. Let the summit arm you with the information you need to get involved and be the change.

2016 Food Revolution Summit Lineup

Check out the list of great speakers at the 2016 Food Revolution Summit. You’ll recognize many of these names, because we’ve written about or featured their work in the past and they’re experts in their fields. Some of the interviews I’m most excited about include:

Dr. Michael Greger: My go-to source for medical and nutritional information, Dr. Greger sources medical journals and distills down vitally important health information in engaging and often hilarious videos on his site, NutritionFacts.org.

Marion Nestle: An author, nutritionist, and prolific blogger, Nestle is an outspoken critic of our food system. Nestle has been working for decades to shed light on national food politics, whether she’s fighting for healthier food guidelines, fighting Big Soda, or helping us navigate food politics generally.

Ron Finley:Gangsta Gardener‘ in South Los Angeles, Finley has been an amazing activist for food security and urban gardening in low-income areas. He’s a true revolutionary, helping to bring healthier eating to overlooked or marginalized communities around the country.

Robyn O’Brien: One of the loudest and most articulate food activists of our time, O’Brien is my go-to news source when it comes to updates on the GMO and food allergy fronts. Her famous statement– “are we allergic to food or what’s been done to it?”– has been a rallying cry for parents and caregivers who are concerned about all the dangerous and allergenic ingredients in our food system. As an industry insider, O’Brien seems to have the ears of the food industry and is definitely an activist to watch in the coming years.

Vandana Shiva: I’m going to be full fan-girl here and say the Dr. Vandana Shiva is one of the most important voices in the food movement, especially for indigenous and community sovereignty of food. Shiva is an outspoken critic of biopiracy and GMOs, and she’s a huge proponent of seed-saving and grassroots activism.

How do you attend a virtual event?

What if there was an event that brought together the greatest doctors, nutritionists, writers and activists in the good food movement? What if it was free? Welcome to the Food Revolution Summit!During the 2016 Food Revolution Summit, John Robbins will conduct 24 highly focused, 30-45 minute interviews with their brilliant panel of experts. On each day you can hear three interviews broadcast live or on 21 hour replay. And it’s all free.

If you miss a presentation during that time window, you can find recordings, transcripts, and many other resources as part of an optional upgrade package for $67. You can find this extra package once you register for the free summit.

I’m looking forward to learning more from these experts and hope that you find it interesting and helpful as well. And if you’re not interested in the Summit or just can’t make the time for it now, you can always find free resources, recipes, and news at the The Food Revolution Network.

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2 thoughts on “2016 Food Revolution Summit Unites Health Experts, Food Activists”

  1. What a wealth of information! I received the email invitation from Food Revelation to join the 2016 summit and be a part of something great. I have not been disappointed. I had viewed “The Truth about Cancer” Series and was shocked about all options people had other than the traditional treatments that are offered. The Food Revolution is for every single person on the planet regardless if they are with disease, because every one of us have to eat. I believe that even educated people are not fully aware of the condition of our food supply. I had given up my favorite food before I watched day one of this summit as my husband and I are trying to eat a healthier diet. I gave up milk and am working on butter and cream which will be very difficult. I love my veggies when they have plenty of butter! Since I have watched this summit from the start, I feel that beef and chicken will have to go as well. It is a bit scary to make such a drastic change. That might be the only way to get rid of my husband’s large belly that sets higher up on his torso than lower. I am not sure if the colon cleansers are even as important as the food consumed. I feel that if the body receives what it needs, like medicine (and I don’t mean pills, over the counter aids, or pharmaceuticals) that it will be able to make the changes it is supposed to make. That is the way our magnificent body was designed. My question to Ocean is: When one is making such a drastic change in their diet, eliminating what they have eaten all their life, to do so all at one time or do you recommend starting slowly, eliminating one food group at a time? It is important, as it may make the difference in a life changing success rather than a failure. Our family members are not aware of the dangers in our processed foods, nor do they believe that a plant based diet will make a lot of difference. I plan on continuing to tell them about the changes we are making and believe that they will see the difference in our health and weight. Thank you for a life changing program.

    I do not have an account with ‘Facebook’ nor do I use ‘twitter’
    This was the only way I could reach you with my question. I feel bad that I couldn’t join in the comment section on the main website where I have watched each speaker every day. I think the question I have asked Ocean is a very good one that would benefit everyone trying to make a change in thier eating habits. : )

  2. hello Janet- thanks so much for your thoughtful reply, and I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the Summit. Great to hear you’re making so many health changes. I’d encourage you to look around in our archives here on Eat Drink Better to learn more about the health issues, and get tips to make the most of your plant-based diet.

    Here are some good references to get started:

    And just to be clear, we are not connected with the Summit, but simply wanted to share it with our readers. You reach them directly at ocean@foodrevolution.org

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