15 Summer Cocktails You Can Make from Scratch

15 Summer Cocktails You Can Make from Scratch

Conventional cocktail mixes are loaded with artificial ingredients and refined sugar. Cool off with one of these all natural summer cocktails instead!

I know. Cocktails aren’t exactly a healthy drink, but if you’re going to indulge in some summer cocktails, they may as well be super special. I shared this roundup of summer drink ideas over at our sister site Crafting a Green World and thought you guys might like to try some of these recipes too!

15 Summer Cocktails to Make from Scratch

by Becky Striepe, Crafting a Green World

Ditch the mix and get creative at your next cocktail party! Here are some summer cocktails that you can craft from scratch.

When you’re throwing a party or having a few friends over for drinks, it’s easy to grab a bottle of booze, a bottle of mix, and call it a day. But store-bought cocktail mixes often come in single-use plastic bottles full of artificial ingredients. Boo! Instead of relying on corn syrup-laden, artificially-colored mixes, craft your own from-scratch summer cocktails with the recipes below!

15 Summer Cocktails to Make from Scratch

1. The Captain Earl – Tea-infused vodka and freshly squeezed naval orange juice are the stars of this yummy beverage.

2. Plum Tuckered Margarita – Plum-basil tequila is the base for this fruity take on a traditional margarita

3. Spring in a Glass – This is a sweet-and-spicy cocktail packed with Mandarin orange goodness.

4. Summer Night – Have you tried cucumber in a cocktail before? You are in for a TREAT!

5. Blood Orange Punch – You’re going to love this combination of orange, cherries, and homemade clove syrup.

6. Ruby Citrus Mojito – Ditch the neon green mojito mix and try this all natural version instead!

7. Sage-Blueberry Shrub – A shrub is a traditional vinegar cocktail, but there’s nothing ordinary about this herbed, berry-licious drink!

15 Summer Cocktails You Can Make from Scratch

8. Cherry-Vanilla Moonshine – Serve this infused booze on the rocks with a splash of cola, ginger ale, or root beer. YUM!

9. Fig, Vanilla Bean, and Cardamom Vodka – Try this on the rocks with a little seltzer water and a squeeze of lemon. You’re welcome!

10. Watermelon Agua Fresca Mimosas – Can you say SUMMER??

11. Strawberry Sgroppino – The base for this yummy summer cocktail is homemade lemon sorbet.

12. Margarita Ice Pops – Boozy pops with not artificial mixes!

13. Cilantro Mojito – Who says mojitos have to use mint? Mixing up the herbs is so much fun!

14. Passionfruit and Ginger Cocktail – A little sweet, a little zesty, a lot delicious!

15. Blood Orange Margarita – Vibrant blood oranges give this drink its rich color. Nothing artificial about it!

What are your favorite from-scratch summer cocktails? I’d love to hear yours in the comments!

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