10 Tart Cherry Superfood Recipes

tart cherries

There’s a new superfood on the scene: the tart cherry!

I’m always a little bit hesitant about superfoods, because so many of them are hard to find and expensive. Things like maca and goji berries might be great for your health, but they’re not budget-friendly, and I feel like it makes healthy eating feel out of reach for folks who can’t spend the big bucks on our grocery budgets.

That’s why I was really excited to read on NPR’s The Salt blog that tart cherries are getting some superfood buzz. While tart cherries – also known as sour cherries – aren’t as ubiquitous as sweet cherries, they’re also not super expensive if you buy them in dried, juiced, or frozen form.

Unlike their sweet cousins, tart cherries are….tart! You probably wouldn’t like them if you’ve only eaten them plain, but in the right recipe, they really can shine. Check out some sour cherry benefits below, and we’ve got your recipes right here!

Tart Cherry Benefits

Studies have found links between tart cherries and reduced insomnia and joint pain, but those findings come with a caveat.

As Dan Charles points out, much of the research into tart cherries gets its funding from the Cherry Marketing Insitute, so you need to take this stuff with a grain of salt. That said, eating more fresh fruits isn’t going to hurt you, so why not add some tart cherries to your life, right? Roll the dice!

What’s really exciting about this renewed interest in tart cherries is that it could mean more biodiversity in Michigan, where most tart cherries are grown. Right now, all of the tart cherry trees in the state are the same variety, and that’s no good at all. Farmers and scientists are cross-breeding tart cherry trees using varieties from Eastern Europe, where they have many varieties of this fruit.

More biodiversity means a hardier crop, and that means more stability for farmers. Yay!

Ready to get more tart cherries into your life? Click here for a list of 10 tasty sour cherry recipes!

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