10 Romantic Recipe Ideas to Knock Your Sweetie’s Socks Off

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When romance is in the air, nothing sets the mood like a well-laid table.  If you’re looking for ideas to wow your special someone this weekend, look no further!

Setting the Food Mood

Did you know that plant-based eating facilitates — ah, let’s say — certain pleasant courtship activities? Good for your heart equals good for your circulation, which is in turn good for facilitating any heart-racing-type activity in which one might wish to engage. Also, nonviolence goes beautifully with a holiday dedicated to celebrating love and tenderness! So in the context of dining with your Valentine, plant-based eating makes even more sense than usual.

If you’re setting up a nice dinner for two, follow these additional guidelines for optimal romance this Valentine’s Day:

  • Don’t overindulge in those cocktails! Too much alcohol dims the senses and makes you sleepy, neither of which sets the stage for quality time with your honeybun.
  • Look for recipes that don’t call for too much oil or fat. Like alcohol, these heavy ‘comfort foods’ make you slow and sleepy as your parasympathetic nervous system shifts into high gear to ‘rest and digest.’ For romantic activities, lighter is nicer.
  • Play with color, texture, and shape. Human beings respond to sensory cues more strongly than most of us realize. Bright colors from pomegranate seeds or berries, foods like steamed artichokes that you eat with your fingers, or foods like heart-shaped pancakes can stimulate the lovey-dovey part of the human brain in very nice ways.

Ready, Set, Recipes!

If you’re wooing a sweetheart this weekend, find menu ideas here!

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Happy Cooking, Happy Eating, Happy Cuddling

Whatever recipes you choose, may your weekend be filled with love, delicious food, and happiness!

Image credit: Sweetheart plate photo by diamant24, via Shutterstock.

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