10 Healthy Kale Recipes

10 Healthy Kale Recipes

Wanting to work more kale into your diet? Check out these healthy kale recipes!

As if you needed another reason to eat more kale, a recent study found that green veggies like kale that are rich in carotenoids can help boost your mood. On top of those mood-boosting carotenoids, kale is rich in fiber, iron, and vitamins A, C, and K. It’s also got a healthy dose of minerals like copper, magnesium, and calcium.

All of that, and it’s pretty darn delicious! You can eat your kale cooked or raw. While raw kale might sound a little off-putting, when folks talk about raw greens, they don’t mean gnawing them straight out of the produce drawer. The most common ways to prepare raw kale are to toss a few leaves (ribs removed) into a green smoothie or massage them with a marinade and letting the leaves soften and wilt.

Ready to get your kale on? Check out the tasty kale recipes on the next page!

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