Learn How to Talk about Factory Farming at this Training Session

An upcoming training session will show you how to talk about factory farming.

An upcoming training session will show you how to talk about factory farming.

Talking about our food system can be hard, especially if you feel put on the spot, and the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition’s (FFAC) Advocacy Training session is a perfect chance to arm yourself with the tools to talk about this tough topic. Meet some fellow animal advocates and learn how to talk about factory farming on December 9th!

Whether you just want to better communicate with friends and family or want to get active and address groups about this important ethical and environmental issue, this training session is a great place to start.

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Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by FFAC in any way, but it is a group that we care a lot about. Both our network head, Scott Cooney, and lead writer, Andrea Bertoli, are long-time supporters of FFAC and have made many donations to this group.

The Berkeley  training session (which includes dinner) will help attendees learn how to effectively communicate about factory farming, how to answer the tough-but-inevitable questions about vegetarian and vegan diets, and how to overcome fear of public speaking.

FFAC is asking for a sliding scale donation of $10-20 to cover food and other costs. Whether you’re planning to attend or not, I encourage you to check out their sample presentation script, which they’ve made available for free online. It’s packed with helpful information and talking points for anyone who wants some help with how to talk about factory farming and be a better advocate for animal rights and the environment.

FFAC will hold their Berkeley training session on Friday, December 9th from 7-10pm at NextSpace (2081 Center St., one block from Downtown Berkeley BART). You can RSVP to Aaron at aaron@ffacoalition.org.

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