What If Coca-Cola Made An Honest Commercial?

What If Coca-Cola Made An Honest Commercial?

Imagine if tobacco companies said they were doing something responsible to protect you. How would you respond to that? That’s one of the Coca-Cola obesity questions posed in a new You Tube Video: The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial.

The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial

This new video is in response to Coca-Cola’s official campaign to address the Coca-Cola obesity connection. In a campaign entitled Coming Together, Coca-Cola has announced four global business commitments to “further contribute to healthier, happier, and more active communities.” Their purported activities include:

  • Offering low and no calorie beverages. Low and no calorie beverages, by the way, has been linked to obesity.
  • Providing transparent nutrition information. Not really
  • Help get people moving by supporting physical activity. This includes sponsorship of spectator sporting events worldwide.
  • Marketing responsibly. It seems like everyday there is something new to write about Coca-Cola including the company being sued for false ‘healthy & natural’ advertising. And, although its almost laughable that Coca-Cola would try to use a ‘healthy and natural’ marketing tactic, that just about sums up their egregious marketing tactics.

The video call it like it sees it. You gotta love a video that includes choice Coca-Cola obesity punch lines like: “If you drink Coke you will get fatter and fatter” and “Coca-Cola: We’re partially responsible for America’s Obesity Problem”

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