Top News from the Food Front: Yeps, Nopes, and Sighs


What’s new this week, in the food world? Glad you asked! This week was good for organics, J-Lo, and marijuana food-truckers, but bad for vegan parents who must counter the same old foolishness afresh.


Organic Farms Boost Biodiversity — I know: totally shocking, right?!

Why Organic is the Right Choice for Parents — What’s even cooler than more biodiversity? Less pesticide on your kid’s plate, that’s what!

Ben and Jerry’s Says Goodbye to GMOs — They’re ditching genetically modified ingredients left and right, in response to consumer demand for non-GMO products. Nice job, fellas!

Jennifer Lopez Gets ‘On the Floor’ with Her Vegan Diet — J-Lo not only joined the esteemed ranks of vegan celebs, recently; now she’s launching a line of vegan supplements. Vegan world takeover: proceeding apace! Mwahahaha!

Marijuana food truck set to roll into Washington state this weekend — ‘Tis a brave new world, isn’t it?!


Is Veganism Child Abuse? — Ah, here we go again! No: CHILD ABUSE is child abuse. Since everyone who’s ever actually checked — i.e. every single professional organization of nutrition professionals — assert that it’s quite possible to meet the nutritional needs of infants, toddlers, children and teens within the context of a vegan diet, veganism is clearly not the problem. Parents who fail to provide what their children need, in order to be happy and healthy and well: THAT’S the problem, just like when omnivorous parents do it. Grr!


Study on genetically modified corn, herbicide and tumors reignites controversy — Seralini’s controversial study was forcibly retracted by one journal last year, and now has been published in another. On the one hand, it’s a defeat for pro-industry forces who wanted the article retracted; but on the other, whether or not it should have been retracted it’s not the best foundation on which to base non-GMO advocacy. In conclusion: sigh.

‘Til Next Time!

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