How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: Try some food art!

How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: Try some food art!

Trying to figure out how to get kids to eat vegetables? Make them fun!

What is it about kids and veggies? When my son was tiny tiny, he would devour pureed vegetable baby food, but now that he’s a little bigger, he picks the broccoli out of his pasta and methodically tosses it on the floor. This food art idea might not work yet for my toddler, but if you’ve got older kids, you might just inspire them to eat their veggies if you play with presentation a bit.

Julie at our sister site Crafting a Green World shared this awesome food art idea from Meet the Dubiens, and these plates are almost too cute to eat!

Admittedly, many of her cute food ideas focus more on fruits, but any veggies that you can sneak onto your kids’s plates will help them develop a taste for healthier eats. Check out more of her cute food ideas here!

Spotted: Healthy Food Art from Meet the Dubiens (via

Need to get healthy food into a kid? Sometimes you have to get creative! For inspiration, check out the artistic snack plates from Meet the Dubiens. These snack foods are so cute, and so attractively laid out, that your kids will know right away how…

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