Refrigeration without Electricity: Meet the Zeer Pot

Refrigeration without Electricity: Meet the Zeer Pot

We take electricity for granted here in the U.S. but there are millions of people living day to day without access to power. That makes storing food a big problem. Imagine basically being unable to keep fresh food without it spoiling. Refrigeration without electricity is a big quality-of-life improvement, and that’s where the Zeer Pot comes in.

The Zeer Pot actually works similarly to this DIY tea light heater, using air circulation to conduct heat. In this case, you’re conducting heat away from the food stored inside. Bam! Refrigeration, no electricity required.

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Our sister site, Insteading, wrote a great piece on how to build your own Zeer Pot. Check it out below!

Zeer Pot Refrigerator Keeps Food Fresh Without Electricity (via Insteading)

So you’ve got your homegrown vegetables and yard-bred rabbit yummies all ready to be canned and dried. Some of it, though, you’ll want to eat fresh- but you’ll have a narrow window to do so, especially if you’re way off the grid or, worse, if…

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