Urban Foraging Made Easy with the Power of Crowdsourcing

Urban Foraging Made Easy with the Power of Crowdsourcing

These awesome crowdsourced maps make urban foraging safer and easier.

There are all varieties of urban foraging. You can dumpster dive for discarded food, scan curbsides for discarded furniture to repurpose, or hunt down fruit and vegetable plants growing wild in the city. If you’re looking for the latter, knowing where to look can save you lots of time!

Crowdsourcing is exactly what it sounds like: a community of people come together to share information in a central space. In the case of these urban foraging maps, foragers in different cities are sharing the locations of wild fruit and vegetable plants for folks to find.

From fruit trees in parks and on other public property to community gardens and wild veggies, you can find a bounty of edible plants in most cities. The trick is knowing what to look for and where to look. Our sister site Sustainablog put together a great list of 11 crowdsourced maps for urban foraging. You can check it out below!

Forage the Urban Bounty: 11 Crowdsourced Maps of Edible Plants (via sustainablog)

The art of foraging goes back to our hunter-gatherer days, but most of us don’t spend much time any more walking the neighborhood looking for edible weeds and fruit trees. That’s changing, though, as many try to simplify and take advantage of food…

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