Local Food: What if farms and grocery stores worked together?

What if farms and grocery stores worked together to put local food on our plates?

What if you could go to your neighborhood grocery store and buy truly local food? Tomatoes and lettuce grown within miles of the store, rather than shipped across the country by train and truck? One company is working to make that happen.

BrightFarms, Inc. started making this local food fantasy into a reality last year in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and they’ve been expanding ever since. Their business model really is a revolution in local food: set up farms and greenhouses near the grocery stores that they will serve.

Roy L. Hayes at our sister site CleanTechnica did a great write-up about BrightFarms which includes an inspiring TEDx Talk from the company’s CEO. You can read the whole thing below.

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BrightFarms, Inc Secures $4.9 Million For Business Expansion (via Clean Technica)

http://youtu.be/3ZDLo8yNxgY In a recent TEDx talk, BrightFarms CEO Paul Lightfoot asked the audience to visualize the best-tasting tomato they had eaten in the last year. Then he asked everyone who had purchased it in a supermarket to raise their hands…

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