Top 12 Vegan Food Websites: Reader Recommendations Edition

Top 12 Vegan Food Websites

Thank you guys so much for sharing your favorite vegan food websites! We got so many great suggestions that we wanted to spotlight them with their own list.

A couple of weeks ago I shared our top 10 vegan lifestyle sites and asked you guys to recommend your faves. Well, recommend you did! You shared links to so many amazing vegan food websites, and I’ve got them all listed neatly below.

But first, let me get a little bit mushy here for a moment. I know, I say this a lot, but I really am proud of the food community that we’ve built here at Eat Drink Better. Watching it grow over the past five years and change has warmed my heart. I love reading your comments and suggestions, and seeing your passion for the vegan community made my week.

Right! You’re not here to hear me gush, though. You’re here for some vegan food goodness. And here it is!

Top Vegan Food Sites: Reader Recommendations Edition

Just like the list I created, these are in no particular order – I just went through the comments in the order they show up and listed it that way.

  1. Happy Herbivore
  2. We Don’t Eat Animals
  3. Yummy Plants
  4. Powered by Plantz
  5. Vegan Recipe Club
  6. Choosing Raw
  7. Thug Kitchen
  8. Meaty Vegan
  9. Finding Vegan
  10. Abby Has Issues
  11. Jewish Vegetarians of North America
  12. Oh She Glows

Let’s keep the vegan community love going, y’all! Feel free to share links to your favorite vegan food and lifestyle websites in the comments section below.

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    Thanks so much for making this list!