Our Taste for Animal Protein and Its Environmental Impact

animal protein

How is our taste for animal protein impacting the environment? Lester Brown from Earth Policy Institute has the scoop.

Lester Brown’s book Full Planet, Empty Plates looks at the social and environmental impacts of our food choices. Brown has been sharing excerpts from chapters of his book over at our sister site – Sustainablog – and the most recent chapter he’s sharing is on animal protein. The excerpt takes a look at our food roots as far back as our hunter-gatherer days and why we ate animal protein to survive back then. He also touches on the problems with modern animal agriculture.

The excerpt is below, and if you want to read more here at Eat Drink Better about the environmental and health impacts of eating meat, we have selected a few articles that you might enjoy:

[Image Credit: Meat Cuts photo via Shutterstock]

And here’s the excerpt from Brown’s book:

Full Planet, Empty Plates, Chapter 3. Moving Up the Food Chain (via sustainablog)

Editor’s note: We’re proud to support the Earth Policy Institute’s online publication of Lester Brown’s book Full Planet, Empty Plates by publishing selections from the book. If you missed other installments, you can find them here; we’…

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