Sustainable Agriculture: Sahara Forest Project is Farming the Desert

Sustainable Agriculture Qatar

When you think about sustainable agriculture, you probably don’t think of desert farming, but Sahara Forest Project is producing food in Qatar with less water.

Instead of pumping water for hundreds of miles, this sustainable agriculture project uses evaporated sea water to irrigate the land and make it cool enough to grow food crops. The project just turned out its first year of crops in the seaside city of Qatar. It was so successful that they’re already looking to set up a similar situation in Jordan by the Red Sea.

Our sister site – Blue Living Ideas – has the full scoop on the Sahara Forest Project’s sustainable agriculture scheme. You can check it out below.

Image Credit: Qatar photo via Shutterstock

Sahara Forest Project Produces First Crops (via Blue Living Ideas)

The Sahara Forest Project has produced the first year of crops. The amount of crops produced by the setup in the desert of Qatar is comparable to commercial farms in more arable regions. The Sahara Forest Project is designed to grow crops in greenhouses…

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