Meal in a Can: The Opposite of What EDB is About

meal in a can

One thing I love about Eat Drink Better is seeing all the great ways readers, writers, and professional cooks put different ingredients together. It’s always interesting, and usually looks amazing. This article about a stomach-churning 12-course meal in a can, though? It’s pretty much the opposite of eating and drinking better.

Here’s what happens when combining ingredients in new and innovative ways goes horribly, horribly wrong, in article which originally appeared on EDB’s sister site, the zombie-apocalypse-themed survival blog Insteading. Enjoy. (?)


Terrifying 12 Course Meal in a Can is the Opposite of Eating Better (via Insteading)

If you plan well, survival food can be healthy, nutritious, and mouth-watering. Get it wrong, though, and you could end up surviving on something like this: a horrifying, 12-course meal in a can that combines a lot of great-sounding ingredients into…

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