100% Natural Rhubarb Liqueur Hits The Shelves

rhuby_rhubarb_liqueurRhuby Rhubarb Liqueur seems to be 100% Natural. Truly.

These days it seems like everyone wants to cash in on the $29 billion ‘natural’ foods market. Alcohol companies are no exception. Many, if not most, alcoholic beverages’ ‘natural’ claims are at best questionable (like Skinnygirl Cocktails). Rhuby, the recently launched Swedish rhubarb liqueur, however, claims that the only added ingredients to its rhubarb liqueur are sugar and a hint of Bourbon Bean Vanilla (both natural):

… it’s completely chemical, preservative and additive free, unlike most other liquors on the market.


According to the Rhuby website, no artificial colorants or stabilizers have been added. A small amount of natural rhubarb essence is added for a “fuller and deeper ‘nose’.”  Additionally, because the  recipe is all natural, the original pink color of the rhubarb juice proved to be unstable. Therefore,  in order to produce a liquor with a stable pink color, the rhubarb juice in Rhuby is filtered to remove the color and then later, a natural color is added back. Finally, the vodka used to make Rhuby comes from one of the first Organic distilleries in Sodermanland, Sweden. At 20% ABV, Rhuby is moderately alcoholic.

The passion for a natural and additive free product spurred both Ylva and Solveig [the founder and master blender, respectively] to create Rhubarb liqueur, in a most tantalizing, yet refreshing way – something that many in the industry thought impossible.

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  • Interesting article. All natural huh? Well, I’m glad to hear the natural colour was added back. I wonder how expensive the liqueur is. Also it’s additive free product too huh. Anyways it probably expensive. I don’t really drink alcohol so I don’t know much about the brands. I never heard of Rhuby so it’s probably really expensive.

  • The bottle of 75cl – 40 proof – retails for $39
    The colour in Rhuby sometimes shift slightly due to the natural juices which are impossible to filter completely. I hope you try it out. Can be found to order on-line at: