Eat More Whole Grains! Here’s How…

Barley Grains

At my house, we’ve branched out from our everyday brown rice to try other whole grains after finding out how much healthier whole grains are than the processed stuff. We’ve eaten wild brown rice, black japonica rice, quinoa, barley, and farro. (Love me some farro.) I have millet in the pantry that hasn’t found its way into my saucepan yet. (Give me time, people!)

I did quite a bit of exploration on my whole grain journey, learning that consuming whole grains decreases risk of stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. And that barley has 8 grams of fiber in a serving compared to 1 gram in a serving of your run-of-the-mill brown rice. I also discovered a slew of whole grains I’d never tried (and in some cases not even heard of).

And then… Yesterday… After all this research, I found one web page on one of my favorite web sites — Mother Earth News — that tells you all you need to know about whole grains. I had to share.

This one stupendous web page teaches you about:

This list represents the tip of the whole grain information iceberg accessible through this one web page on Mother Earth News. If you want to learn more about whole grains from every perspective, check it out, and let me know what you learn!

Image Credit: Dag Endreson via flickr/CC

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Hi all! I'm Mary Gerush - a recovering corporate worker bee turned good-farm-real-food advocate and writer who wants to help people understand what they're eating. I tend a tiny urban farm in Dallas, TX, and hope to scale up one day soon. Omnivore through-and-through, there's not much I love to eat more than a butter-basted grass fed steak fresh from a searing hot cast iron skillet. Follow me on , , and !
  • AEM

    Thanks! The Mother Earth News website is packed with information–what a find! My mom was ahead of her time–she had the best meatloaf recipe I’ve ever had and one of the ingredients is oatmeal, quite a bit, actually.

  • Mary Gerush

    Now you must share your mom’s recipe you know. ;-) I’m so happy you enjoyed MEN. They have a magazine too – which is also awesome!

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