Portion Control Made Easier With Halved Dinnerware

Halved Dinnerware

Looking for ways to exercise portion control? Check out this dinnerware designed to lend a helping hand.

Conjured up by three creative, young dudes in Jakarta, Halved dinnerware cleverly reminds you to eat less. The idea came to the three friends one night when they decided to give portion control a try — we all know we eat larger portions than we should. They designed a ceramic plate, bowl, and mug — and chopped them in half. From the team:

We love our food. But we’re constantly being told that to stay healthy, we should be cutting down on our portions. Psychologically, it felt hard for us to do it. Seeing a small portion on a regular plate feels like a real downer. So we thought, why not just half the plate? That way, a smaller portion feels like it’s always a full portion!

But wait – there’s more! By becoming more aware of portion sizes, we’re likely to start cooking in smaller batches, reducing the likelihood that we’ll waste the food we don’t eat.

The sets come in five fabulous colors, and while there are other dishes designed with the same goal in mind, Halved’s pieces just look cooler. They’re not in stores yet, but the team has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create the molds in collaboration with an Indonesian-based ceramicist.

Think about it. You. Healthier. Leaner. And with cool dishes in your cabinet. Awesome.

Halved Plate

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  • AEM

    This is great–not a half-baked idea.

    • Mary Gerush


  • Plus, they probably take half the space to store! I kind of want them just for that. Our kitchen is terribly lacking in storage.

  • Wow! This is a great idea. This halved dinnerware is really interesting. I would like to try this. This will really help me a lot on my diet plan. Anyway, thanks for sharing! :-)

    • Mary Gerush

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for your comment.