Skinnygirl Exposed (Again): Not-So Naturally Flavored Vodkas

o-SKINNYGIRL-facebookBethenny Frankel recently unveiled four new Skinnygirl flavors: Mojito, Sweet ‘n Tart Grapefruit Margarita, Moscato and White Cherry Vodka. And while all of them sound kind of suspect, I am particularly suspect about the “natural” flavored vodkas. As I wrote in Skinnygirl Wine Exposed, the Skinnygirl wine’s low-calorie positioning is nothing more than marketing and promotional bluster (low calorie is the result of less alcohol). I would not be surprised if the “natural” flavored vodkas are far from naturally flavored.

White Cherry is just the most recent flavor addition to the Skinnygirl line of “low-carb, low-calorie” vodkas and it joins “natural flavors” tangerine, coconut, cucumber, and “bare naked” (which, curiously is also labeled as having “natural flavors”).

According to, There are 75 calories in a 1.5 fl oz serving of Skinnygirl Vodka (the Skinnygirl site says 75.6 calories) Most vodka?  Commonly, 1 serving (1 jigger) of vodka equals 1.5 fluid ounces of 90 proof alcohol and this has about 100 calories. So, how exactly does Skinnygirl make low-calorie vodka?

The simplest way to make a low-calorie drink is to lower the percentage of alcohol. As mentioned previously … Skinnygirl vodka is only 60 proof, so of course it has fewer calories. And no surprise, it actually has more calories than the equivalent amount of common vodka that would yield a 60 proof drink.

To be fair, Skinnygirl is not alone.  According to an article in, calling low-alcohol beverages low-calorie is a full-blown trend. However, none are as big or as bold as Skinnygirl. And none are positioned as “natural”

So, what about those natural flavor claims? So far no response from Skinnygirl.


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  • raymond cwkowski

    I purchased two bottles of skinny girl vodka, island coconut, it is terrible, how do receive refund each cost is $17.99 each. the vodka is simply undrinkable,worst vodka I havdrank. you may send the refund to r.t.cwikowski,—– abacus drive foey Alabama —–.

    (Editor’s note: details of commenter’s home address edited out, since we have no ability to forward refunds and weren’t sure the poster wanted it freely available to the public. –EDB admin)