Food Fight

Food Fight

Food Fight is a music video that shows a boy living in a neighborhood where processed food is killing the people around him.

Processed food is a nice convenience, but too much of it is detrimental to our health, especially to that of growing children. In some neighborhoods, like the one in this video, processed food is the only kind of food the residents have access to.

SoS Juice, the group behind the video and curriculum, is a for-profit/non-profit hybrid that sponsors a monthly food justice and health equity event. Recently, they formed a business selling juice, smoothies, and compost, directly improving the health of the community around them and creating green jobs in a low-income neighborhood.

Using hip hop and a professionally produced video to convey the message keeps kids interested. The accompanying school curriculum gets the kids to really think about what’s being portrayed in the song and video. The curriculum is available as a free download.

Earth Amplified performs the song. Their album can be purchased on iTunes.

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Heather Carr loves food, politics, and innovative ways to make the world a better place. She counts Jacques Pepin and Speed Racer among her inspirations. You can find her on Facebook or .